She was, “just the girl.” Sugar and spice. Sweetness and light. No grand expectations were exacted upon her and so she conceived none for herself. She selected her dreams from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog . Dog-eared the pages, circled the valuables, underlined the incidentals and annotated her preferences in neatly flowing script, with unshakable, absolute faith that all would be delivered to her in a right and timely manner. Thus, she was freed of the burden of action. She floated along on a soap-bubble-barge, drifted through childhood and into adolescence without disturbance and found herself gently deposited into adulthood, fresh and clean and shining and ready to take delivery.

Author’s Comments: I am not sure where this plot will go. I wrote it to provide context for the other stories, but I kept it because I thought someday it might become its own story.

Understand That This Is A Dream

Real as a dream —

What shall I do with this great opportunity to fly? —

What is the interpretation of this planet, this moon? —

if I can dream that I dream / and dream anything dreamable / can I dream —

I am awake / and why do that? —

When I dream in a dream that I wake / up what —

happens when I try to move? —

I dream that I move —

and the effort moves and moves —

till I move / and my arm hurts —

Then I wake up / dismayed / I was dreaming / I was waking —

when I was dreaming still / just now. —

and try to remember next time in dreams —

that I am in dreaming. —

And dream anything I want when I’m awaken. —

When I’m in awakeness what do I desire? —

I desire to fulfill my emotional belly. —

My whole body my heart in my fingertops thrill with some old fulfillments. —

Pages of celestial rhymes burning fire-words —

unconsumable but disappear. —

Arcane parchments my own and the universe the answer. —

Belly to Belly and knee to knee. —

The hot spurt of my body to thee and thee —

old boy / dreamy Earl / you Prince of Paterson / now king of me / lost —

———Stanza 1 of the poem by Allen Ginsberg

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